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The Skatician is a Ska band playing Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. The Skatician was formed 
In 1982 in London.
Original members:
Jessie Green - drums and singer 
Trevor Brown aka Trevor Starr - guitar
George Darkin - trumpet player 
Jude - bass player 
Georgia saxophone player
The Skatician is now a reform brand
With new members and using session players, with Trevor Starr as the band leader.

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Who is Trevor Brown AKA Trevor Starr?
Trevor Brown aka Trevor Starr was born in Kingston 12 Jamaica 1951 and is a self Taught musician,

Trevor Starr started is music career in 1967 at the age of 16. His first band was named yard broom and the 
members were;Earl Lindo - keyboard 
Philip Martin - bass
Michael Richard - drum
Trevor brown aka Trevor Starr - guitar 
About a year later the band change their name to the The Astronauts adding three more musicians; 
Richie Daley - Lead Guitar

Alton Brown -Singer and older brother to Trevor Brown and Barry Biggs.
The Astronaut became one of the biggest bands in Jamaica.
Sadly the Astronaut band came to an end in 1969, whilst awaiting management agreement. Which led us to take different paths.
Trevor was told by his brother that a good friend of ours would like him to do a recording session for him so he jumped to it the producer was Keith Hudson.
The first recording session was at Randy's Studio in 1969, and that is when he started his recording career.
Trevor started getting a lot of recording sessions and recording with lots of singers.
At one of the sessions Trevor meet Lee "Scratch" Perry, he liked the way he played the guitar and he asked him to be apart of his production team. The team was made up of part of;
The Upsetters members ;
Carl Barrett - drums 
Aston Barrett - bass 
Glenn Adams - keyboard
Trevor Starr - guitarist 
Trevor then embarked on doing a lot of recording sessions for Lee scratch Perry.
He also went onto do recordings with the wailers as they were one of Lee Scratch Perry Artist.
In this time Trevor started to get a lot of freelance sessions with different studios;
Dynamic Sounds Studios 
Aquarius Studio Label 
Studio One with Sid Bucknor who was one of Jamaica's greatest engineers
Federal Records Studio
Treasure Isle Recording Studio Label

While Trevor was at treasure Isle studio doing an album with Hopeton Lewis, he met Tommy McCook and The Supersonics.
Trevor made a great impression on him as an up and coming young musician, he was asked to join his band. The band was going to tour around the island.
Trevor recalls the conversation;
I was totally in shock and can remember saying "I'm too young, I cannot give you an answer you'll have to ask my father's permission".
He did and my father said "Yes, but promise to look after my son". 
Trevor was so happy to be going to play with a band like Tommy McCook and the Supersonic.
That's when his music career really took off. Trevor said "Tommy McCook was a great mentor to me, I have learned a lot of music tricks playing Ska Riddims, Rocksteady, Reggae and other 
kinds of music. Tommy McCook was a great mentor".
Trevor was then approach by Buster Riley brother of producer Winston Riley. 
He was told that his brother was looking for musicians to go to the UK to promote his hit song
by Dave and Ansell Collins, and would I like to go to England by the request of Trojan Records Company to represent the Jamaican Reggae music.
Trevor said "Yes" jokingly, as I was still playing with Tommy McCook band and didn't take the conversation serious
Days later his friend Buster Riley approached him again about going to the UK, at that time I still thought he was joking but quickly realised that he was not as he wanted me to meet his brother so he did.
Winston Riley then introduced Trevor to the right Honourable Edward Seaga, who was the minster of the arts, culture and was in one of Jamaican political parties. Minster Seaga then told me that this would be a great opportunity to embark upon going to the UK.
Trevor was then requested by the Jamaican government to go to Trojan recording company in the UK to represent the Jamaican government to promote the development
Original Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae
New Music Coming Soon
SKATICIAN Management
Ingrid Brown

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